Friday, June 25, 2010

Etsy Craft Party

DSCN1996 So, last Friday was Etsy’s 5th birthday/anniversary. To celebrate they invited the Etsy community to host craft parties through The top 50 parties with the highest attendance would receive goodies from Etsy. Houston’s party, hosted by Sew Crafty, was #1. (The top three parties were all in Texas. Go Texas! Way to represent!) I went and had so much fun! It was neat to get to meet all kinds of people and crafters. I even saw a few guys there! (Maybe they were dragged along by wives or girlfriends but either way you have to give them props for even being there!) I tried to take a lot of pictures but it was pretty crowded. I loved Sew Crafty’s pink front doors, can’t miss those! I am also including a few pics of the things I created, but to get a good understanding of what was there check out the slideshows on Etsy Houston’s blog (click here). I’m in both of the videos. Just look for the blonde in a hot pink shirt carrying a black and white purse. Way to stand out right?! :) And yes, I was lucky enough to win one of the door prize goody bags!
Fused plastic bag sunshine envelope/clutchDSCN2011
Rolled fabric flower hairclipDSCN2014
Rolled fabric flower pin (on my purse)

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castroclan said...

oh man I'm so sad that I missed that. I thought you said it was on the 5th not their 5th birthday. bummer. glad you had fun!