Friday, June 11, 2010

Grad Gifts

We had six seniors, from our ward at church, graduating this year. We went to a graduation party for all six of them.  So I made these cute little notebooks. The notebooks had a built in elastic to keep them close (the black band on each one). I embellished with their names using scrapbooking supplies. I tried to make each one kind of fit their personalities.
 993 994 995 996 997 998 Shalysse was our babysitter.  So, the boy’s each wrote her a note and drew a picture on the inside cover. They were so excited to give it to her and talked to her for at least 10 minutes at the party.  She was so sweet to sit and listen to them. We’ll miss her. :)
I loved how Morgan’s turned out. Originally, it didn’t have the button flower, but it seemed like it was missing something. After I added that one, I wanted to put a flower on all of the girl’s notebooks, but I ran out of time.  Aren’t these so cute?

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