Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Halloween Sneak Peek

Every year, all the way back to when Aaron and I were engaged, we have always dressed up together as a family for Halloween. It’s so much more fun that way, if you ask me. I have a feeling that this tradition may be on the verge of ending, so I begged and pleaded the family for a theme that I’ve been thinking of  for a while now. Can you guess this year’s costume theme?Up Halloween

Disney’s Up! We love this movie as a family and thought it would work perfectly. The hubby is Carl,  the old man. I’m Ellie, the floating house. Bean is Kevin, the exotic bird. Monkey is Russell, the Wilderness Explorer boy, and Bee is Doug, the talking dog. This picture was taken at Halloween party at our church on Saturday.  I would say that it was a hit! The kids have already put in their request for next years costumes, so maybe the tradition will last a little longer. :)

Monday, when we go trick-or-treating, I’ll take pictures of the individual costumes and break down how I put them together.