Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Applique Towels

Super cute Christmas applique kitchen towels from Little Birdie Secrets. These are so cute. They are just flour-sack towels with diecut fabric trees ironed on. I think the ribbon is also iron-on. She then sewed on the buttons. She bought her towels 5/$5.50 at Walmart but I think you can also get them at IKEA for $0.49 a piece. After Christmas, I want to make some (with a different applique) for my kitchen. These are some of the most absorbent towels and now they are cute too!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Velcro Ball

I saw this and instantly made one! Sooooo easy! The picture is from the Make and Takes tutorial. But it is pretty self-explanatory.  Just attach the "hook" part of any hook and loop tape (i.e. Velcro) to a plastic ball. Voila! An instant game.  I had to take my car into the shop this morning and I knew it would take at least an hour for them to do an estimate.  So I quickly made one of these before we left for whenever Josh started to get bored. Loved it!  He was thoroughly entertained and everyone in the lobby got a good laugh out of watching us try to play. It took Josh awhile to understand that you can't throw the ball with the gloved hand that it is stuck to. Hilarious!!!

Turkey Bowl-ing

I wish I had found this idea before Thanksgiving. It is so cute! The crafty people at Make and Takes just attached feathers and foam stickers for the face to a plastic bowling ball set. The tutorial also mentions that you  could use plastic soda bottles. I bet you could also use water bottles (for a smaller set) and then use construction paper hand cut-outs for the tail. I will definitely make a set of these for next thanksgiving.  Better yet, how about a set of snowman ones for winter time. Love it! I'll start collecting my water bottles right now!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Baby Legs and Arm Warmers

Now that it is starting to get colder I have found that my baby girl is short on cool weather clothes, especially pants. I love the baby legs idea, but it seems expensive for just one pair (a pair of pants would be cheaper). As this problem has arised, I have seen lots of different homemade versions of these and have been so tempted to try these. I saw this post on "Little Birdie Secrets." These instructions are the simplest version I've found. The hard part has been finding knee-high/thigh-high socks that I like that I could use. Somewhere I found instructions for frilly baby legs. Basically the same, but you stretch the edge as you serge or zig-zag sew the hem.

Pillowcase Dress

I flipped out when I saw this! I actually have a stack of vintage embroidered pillowcases, that I've been trying to figure out how to restyle. When I saw this adorable and simple dress, I just knew it's the answer. Here's the link to the tutorial on "Little Birdie Secrets."

Hairbow Holder

How cute is this?! I have seen various versions of hairbow holders, but this one is my favorite BY FAR. Those women at "Little Birdie Secrets" are so clever. My dear baby girl is already getting a collection of bows and barrettes, so I know that I will be making one of these in the near future. I'll post pics when I finish mine.

Simple Summer Skirt

Ok, so I know summer is coming to a close, even here in the South. But this just too cute to pass up. I bet I could find some super cute fabric at my favorite quilting store. I found this (photo) on "Little Birdie Secrets" which they got the idea from someone else. The link will take you to the original tutorial at "Altered Cloth" with detailed instructions on how to make this.

Hip Cover or Maternity Band

I found this tutorial on the "The Little Birdie Secrets" blog. It is instructions for a knit hip cover, it helps keep you modest with low rise jeans or you could use it as a maternity band to extend how long you can wear non-maternity clothes. I wish I had found this tutorial a few months ago while I was still pregnant a bought something similar for $18 to cover my preggo belly. Maybe I'll make a few to help conceal my post-baby muffin top and extend the length of some of my shorter shirts.

Why The Extra Blog?

Anyone who reads my personal blog, will probably ask this question. I have recently discovered the glorious world of craft blogging. I love just looking at other people's ideas. My first thought is ALWAYS "I bet I could make that." So, my head fills with ideas and I never get any of them started because I usually forget or can't find where I found the idea. So, this is simply a collection of the ideas I find and some of my attempts at trying them. Maybe you'll be inspired by something you find here and think, "I bet I could make that..."