Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day and LOTS of Free Printables

Happy Mother’s Day! I was reading a post on Less Cake More Frosting  and Ellie G seemed to sum up my sentiments exactly. She wrote,

“Certainly Mothers Day is a wonderful day, and worthy of a HUGE CELEBRATION.  In fact, we should probably celebrate Mothers more that just 24 hours each year. (Someone tell that to my kids.  I need more than just a 24 hour break.  Geez.  Who's in charge of benefits at this job?  H. R.?  Anyone?)

But I want to change it to "Mothering Day". 

Mothering, the act of caring for another.
Now THAT is a universal trait given to women.  All women.
A celebration of the things that make women unique.  That make them inherently giving, and nurturing, and soft.  Those are still the things I love in my mother.  But they are also things I adore in my son's school teacher.  Or in my Aunts.  Or in women that I admire.”

(Check out the whole awesome post here.)

I know that there are so many amazing women in my life, past and present, who have helped to shape me into who I am. So to all you wonderful women, whether you are mothers or not, Happy Mothering Day!

Oh! Don’t forget to check out Ellie G’s free printable at the bottom of her post. Awesome quote!


(image source)

Speaking of printables, I was flipping back through old posts from Aimee of Sprik Space, when I came across an awesome link. If you love free printables, you HAVE to check out  ishare printables. It’s a forum where bloggers can share their free printables and they are amazing! I literally spent hours browsing and bookmarking all of the awesome printables. I, seriously kept saying, “oh, I need to print that,” “I love that,” and “wow!” over and over again.

They share everything from gift tags…


(image source)

to subway art…


(image source)

to notes and lists…

things to do pic

(image source)

to behavior charts…

point chart

(image source)

to placemats…


(image source)

to printable quotes…

seuss quote

(image source)


(image source)

to  my favorite printable!


(image source)

Plus, there are hundreds more! Think thank you cards, bag toppers, calendars, invitations, board games, t-shirt transfers, chore charts, valentines, and more!

Seriously, go check it out! I promise you’ll find something you love. :)

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