Monday, September 6, 2010

Bulletin Board Redo

I saw these old pictures and figured it was past time to post about this….So, I had this ugly bulletin board that I wanted to hang (for function purposes) in our main living area. I wanted to use it to post notes and the kids’ artwork. Unfortunately, it was very plain and uninspiring. 



So when our Wal-mart was clearing out their fabric section (still sad about that), I grabbed some cute home decor fabric at 1/2 off. 

1) I painted the frame with some brown latex paint that I had for another project.

2) I’ve seen many of these redo's using some kind of picture frame and then you add the cork. If I had done it that way I would have wrapped the fabric around the back of the cork before putting it in the frame, BUT my cork was already eternally bonded to the frame. So…I cut my fabric to fit the size of the corkboard. Then I sprayed the cork with spray adhesive (side note: make sure you tape off the frame and cover ALL of your surrounding area or it will be messy). Then I laid the fabric on the cork, smoothing it out as I went.

3)My edges were pretty rough looking, so I hot glued ribbon along the inside edge of the frame to cover the edge of the fabric. It also helped give it some contrast since my frame and my fabric were both brown.

4) I let it sit overnight to  make sure the spray adhesive was set. Then, I hung it on my wall. It sits right below my “family” wall hanging (which you can kind of see in the picture).



It was so cute, I almost couldn’t bring my self to start tacking stuff up on it. But alas, it’s function was needed. Now it holds drawings and reminders, lunch calendars and appointment cards, and you can barely see how beautiful it is (I’ll save you from the pity of that picture). Every now and then I clear away some of the clutter on it to see the cuteness again. I made this almost a year ago and it’s still in great shape so I think it’s safe to say that the redo worked. :)

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Alida L. said...

I made one of these recently too :-) Isn't it fun to make something boring into something awesome?

Elizabeth said...

I find so much great fabric at Walmart! Your bulletin board looks great. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Let me know how your clothes pins turn out!