Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Incredible Stamped Shirt

Another one of those "I want to make this now" ideas. I saw this idea on Make and Takes website one night and thought "What a great idea, and I even have the stuff I could make it right now!" 
Well, that was 11pm and since I hadn't had a full night's sleep in awhile, I figured I'd make it later (i.e. the next morning). I immediately dug through my rubber and acrylic stamps to see what I could work with. Here are my finished products. It's just a repeated pattern stamped in acrylic paint. This first was a red ladybug on my daughter's onesie. The second was just a cluster of two flower stamps around the word (letter stamps). This is my favorite. I think smaller stamps look better than big ones.

The last was a multi-sided stamp done in four different colors. My son helped stamp this one and decided he wanted to wear it before we could do the back. We washed it (instead of heat setting it first) and it gave it a kind of vintage look. Check out Make and Take's tutorial for the how-to. It's great because you can take an old shirt and disguise the stains among the stamps!

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Kelley said...

VEry cute.... it is so fun to make shirts and things for the kids. Have a great week!