Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Pinterest Challenge 2012

600 followers, 46 boards, and 5,594 pins and counting. Yes, you could say I'm into this whole Pinterest thing...just a little. Okay, a lot! Like, I have to check Pinterest at least 3 times a day to see if anyone has shared anything new that I might want to pin. Man, when I say it that way I sound a little bit addictive. (If you haven't heard of Pinterest, it's a virtual pin board for things you want to save: ideas, pictures, recipes, tutorials, etc. Genius, if you ask me...)

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The funny thing is that I one of those rare people who actually uses the things they pin. We try a new recipe at least once a week (usually more). I search for inspiration and/or directions when I have an idea for a project. As one of my friends once told me, "If I see you pin an outfit or a hairstyle, I think to myself, 'I will probably see Marissa wearing that.' And I do!" (Of course, that was pre-baby #4 and haircut.)

Despite all that, I could probably handle a lot more "doing" and a lot less "pinning." I see my Pinterest boards as a to-do/ to-try list and it bothers me just a little bit that I'm saving all these ideas but doing very little. I mean 5,500+ that's a pretty big to-do list! Well, I saw a friend, who just had a baby- literally like 3 or 4 weeks ago, doing a Pinterest challenge on her family blog and I thought, "I should totally do that! What fun!" and then my next thought was, "Wait, can I really do this?" But then I thought, "If she just had a baby and can do this, and my baby is 4 months-old, I can totally do this. Right?" Yes, I talk to myself...moving on.

So, here is my 30-day Pinterest challenge:
  •  I will do one pin a day.
  • Any projects must be at least inspired by a pin. I'm not much of a copycat. I'm more of an"inspired by" rather than "copy of" type of person. Of course, when it's a great idea why mess with it, right? So sometimes, I copy...)
  • No more than 2 Pinterest recipes a week may be used. (Personally, this is where I use most of my pins, so I'm trying to expand my efforts here.)
  • If the project is large (like building or organizing something), it can take up more than one day. Because, in reality, some things just take time.
  • I must share my results here on the blog. I gotta be accountable, right? I'm thinking recap at least once a week...
  • I am allowed one skip a week, as long as it is made up the following day. Life gets busy, especially with a baby and preschooler at home, so sometimes I have to give myself a break. However, I won't let myself of the hook...
But wait Marissa, you might be thinking, didn't you just get into Project Life? Yes, yes I did. I actually just got my stuff and I'm super excited to get started. However, I first need to organize my old photos and order some prints of new ones, probably something I should have done while I was waiting for my supplies. (I know...). Don't worry, I'll still be working on Project Life. I see Project Life as more of a marathon. (Something I'll always be doing.) While, this challenge is more of a sprint. (Short and sweet.) Don't be surprised if you see a few Project Life pins being used as well... :)

What do you think? Can I do it? Do you want to join me? Make yourself some rules, set some terms, and play along. I will start November 1st. (After all the Halloween chaos.) I picked November because:
a) there are 30 days and not 31.
b) I'd like to get it done before the holidays and the end of the year and
c) I'm totally excited to get some of these things done! So the sooner the better.

I'm thinking that I might do this at least 2 times a year, maybe 3 (spring, summer, fall), so if you just want to sit back and watch this time a round feel free. I have a sneaking suspicion that I am going to love this and you will too. ;)

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