Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gingham and the Yellow Purse

Over at the Clothed Much blog on Rule-Breaking Monday last week  (yes, I know I’m a little slow), Elaine issued a challenge. Break the rule that your belt, shoes and purse have to match. I can so do this…

If you’ve seen me you know that my main purse/diaper bag is big and yellow. It’s like a yellow bus…it takes everything we need, everywhere we go. I break the matching rule on a daily basis. The yellow bus…
yellow purse pic 2
yellow purse pic
My favorite part about this outfit is that it’s completely thrifted! I bought the shirt, gingham skirt, and wedge shoes at my favorite local thrift store this week. The navy belt is from another thrift store and the yellow bus, I mean bag, was bought at a garage sale down the street. This outfit (purse included) probably cost me a total of $15 at most. Score!
yellow purse outfit 1
Without the purse. (I actually took this picture first, and then remembered that I left my bag in the house.) It was amazing how many compliments I got from friends at church today. Plus, I love how the combination of the high-heeled wedges and high-waisted skirt make my short chunky legs look long and lean. Love it!
yellow purse outfit 2
Ignore the goofy face and awkward pose, the hubby (who was taking the picture) was trying to make me laugh and hurry me up at the same time so we could leave for church. Yes, I tend to squint my eyes and crinkle my nose when I laugh.
yellow purse accessories
I made both the necklace and the earrings.
yellow purse outfit shoes
A close-up of my awesome $5 wedges. I really liked these pieces and will definitely remix them into some more outfits. So what do think?

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Meredith said...

you rocked it! love the yellow :)