Monday, August 30, 2010

I Want to Win a Serger Entry

Sew Mama Sew is hosting a contest to win a Husqvarna Viking s21 serger. All you have to do is answer the question, “How would your life be better with a serger?”BTSHVGiveaway1
Oh, how I would love to win the Husqvarna serger. How would my life be better with the Husqvarna serger? Well, to answer that, let us join the debate already in progress between two machines, Husqvarna and Sam*, my old machine….(*name changed for privacy)
Husqvarna Viking s21 Serger    vs..   Sam the incumbent
Q: What are some of the features that you can provide?
Husqvarna: I have 4, 3, 2 thread sewing         
Sam: Only 1 thread--well, unless you include the bobbin, does that make 2?                   
Husqvarna: I have 21 stitches, with pre-programmed stitch settings            
 Sam: What? You mean you can have more than one kind of stitch?
Husqvarna: There is a large sewing space, with an extension table      
Sam: My owner is lucky if she can fit her hand in here without sewing her fingers together…enough said
Husqvarna: I come with easy threading instructions, including a step-by-step interactive DVD 
Sam: Easy? Um, no. …Manual? Forget about it.
Husqvarna:I provide lay-in tension and color coded thread paths.  
 Sam:I’m a complex man. It took three women, over 30 minutes just to figure out how to thread me for the first time.
Husqvarna: I have differential feed.      
Sam: Umm…..I have a needle.
Husqvarna: Adjustable stitch length, cutting width and presser foot pressure       
Sam: I have a dial that changes something but heaven forbid you touch it, I just might die.
Husqvarna: I come with a Universal Standard presser foot & Snap-on presser feet with additional, optional feet     
Sam: Feet? No….can you say “foot?” As in only one, baby.
Husqvarna: I have extra presser foot height. 
Sam: Well, isn’t that nice.
Husqvarna: I can sew 1100 stitches per minute, with two sewing speeds.                
Sam: Um, what was the question again?
Husqvarna: I have a movable upper cutter…       
Sam: Um, no comment
Husqvarna: a built in two thread converter… 
Sam: Uh…. No comment
Husqvarna: And much more!  
Sam: …. (Sam has left the building)
As you can see, I am sorely in need of a new machine.  I love to repurpose old clothing (usually knits) and make new clothes for myself and my family but my current machine does a very sorry job. If given the chance, I would gladly replace my current machine with a Husqvarna serger. To be able to serge…ah, the dreams of beautiful seams and lovely (not ugly) knits! So to recap, right now with my old tattered falling apart machine, I feel like this…
Sad (see, even my daughter thinks it’s sad that I don’t have a serger)…
and tired (even my son, is tired of crappy seams and frayed appliqués)…
and afraid to take on some of the great creations floating around in my head and too timid to share them with others.
But! If I were to win this contest and be the proud owner of a new Husqvarna serger, I would be…
Happy (see, now she’s happy her skirt and appliquéd onesie won’t fall apart)…
Confident and ready to attack those intimidating projects and fabrics…
and ready to set those great ideas free on the world (okay, okay, I know the 1st day of school picture is a stretch).
So one more time-- me with “Sam”DSCN2379
vs.. me with HusqvarnaDSCN2345
So-- Sew, Mama, Sew, please vote for me! Together we can boot “Sam” out of office, make a happy beautifully clothed family, and create world peace!
(No sewing machines or children were hurt in the making of this plea.)

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