Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Has it really been two years?

Yup. Two years since I last posted. Wow. What can I say? Life gets busy when you have a baby/toddler, move (into storage and then again to a new place), and start a preschool co-op, among other things. Life happens.

So, one of my goals for 2014 is get my shop up and running. Well, the year is nearly over and my 3 year old shop is empty.  So I'm going to push it before the end of the year and hope it takes off. Fingers crossed. Watch for new stuff at!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Week #1

Don't know about the Pinterest Challenge? Read this post first.

Okay, I know I'm a little late here. I'm not behind in my projects, just behind in posting them here. It's been really fun doing this. It's just hard to find the time to blog about it. :)
Here is week one:
My Results:
This seriously took me less than 5 minutes to do. I realized I really had a lot more in this cupboard than I truly use, so many items got pulled out and are in the charity box in the garage.  I already had the pan rack from the first time I thought about attempting this. (It just sat on the shelf, unused.) I have more pots than skillets and some really large cookie sheets and pizza pans, so the set-up in the picture didn't quite work for me. I tweaked it to work for my stuff for now, but I think it will work.(I have a few more cookie sheets in the dishwasher.) I may move some of the larger things to a different place later on. Doing this allowed me room in the other side of the cupboard for the second pin of the day...
My Results:
I had already done a little prep work earlier in the week. I bought a new set of storage containers at Wal-mart. (They were the same as the ones I have.) They had different colored lids, so I made sure that each size container has a different colored lid. That should make it easier to keep sorted and to match up when we need a container. I didn't see any dish racks (like in the inspiration photo) that I liked or were particularly big enough, so I bought a few dish pans (buckets) the size I needed and a three pack of little storage trays to keep things separate inside. This was also a quick fix, maybe 30 minutes. Most of the time was spent sorting through my old containers. 
100 Toddler Shots to Improve Your Family Photography
Click through to see the 100 inspiration pictures. I know these are for toddlers but I thought some of these pictures would be great with my preschooler (age 3) as well.
My Results:
(Yes, she has a lollipop. Halloween candy bribery for a photo shoot.)
It was slightly overcast, cool and even a little foggy this morning, so I thought it would be perfect to get some pictures at the park. By the time I had gotten big kids on the school bus, fed the baby, double checked my inspiration, and found everyone shoes, the weather had changed. It was bright and sunny and at least 15 degrees warmer, but we trekked down to the park anyway. First off, let me just say the sun was against me. I could not believe how stinking bright out it was at 9:30am. Secondly, it is hard to take pictures when you have a baby strapped in a carrier on your chest. Just saying....
Here are a few of my favorites:



I tried taking some pictures of Bekah, but she wouldn't have it. Here's why...
Did it improve my photography? I don't know, but it definitely got me thinking outside the box. And it was fun to take a ton of photos.
This day was a super busy day, a Super Saturday in fact. Our women's group at church (Relief Society) was having a fun all-day crafting/learning/visiting activity called Super Saturday. We had lots of different crafts and projects that we could sign up for, demonstrations we could watch, food to eat, a service project to help out with, and/or just sit and visit with our friends. I love Super Saturdays. However, I knew I would be busy because I was going to be teaching a class on glass etching for casserole dishes/glass pans. The funny thing is that I had never done this before but my friend in charge (knowing me to be a crafty person) asked if I could figure it out and then teach it to everyone. Um, yeah. Technically, I practiced quite a bit before teaching it, but I turned to Pinterest to teach me and gather ideas, plus I actually etched one of my pans on this day, so I'm saying it counts.
One of My Results:
This one says, "{Yummy}." I also made one with my last name, one that says "This pan does not belong to you," and one that says, "Oh no! It's all gone!" I really liked doing this and it wasn't too hard. If you do this make sure you use glass cleaner to get fingerprints of the glass before applying the etching cream. Also, some Pyrex don't etch well. We found that it's a gamble. Some would etch in 5 minutes. Others would take 20 to 30 minutes and still others wouldn't etch at all. The one time I'm thankful I didn't buy the name brand. All of my cheap pans etched very easily.
My Results:
I really wanted some cute bows for church and remembered pinning these. There isn't a tutorial with this pin (since they are on Etsy) but I loved the idea and pretty much knew how to make them. They were actually pretty quick. I made 3 before getting ready for church. I LOVE them! Both of my daughters wore them and I contemplated wearing one too but my husband nixed the idea. Something about overkill. I see many more of these in my future. Many more for the baby, a few for Bee, and maybe some on hair clips for me...
My Results:
I used two different sized washers because I wanted a little different lay out. Instead of using jump rings on the large washers, I used eye pins that looped through and I twisted around. Yes, I know very technical. I was afraid that my yellow nail polish wouldn't look yellow. So I did 2 coats of white nail polish before putting on the yellow.
My Results:

Technically, I started this project back on Saturday. It was one of the classes being taught, but I never had enough time to work on it during the Super Saturday activity or after. So, I had to find some time to make it later. Thankfully, I had the instructions pinned on Pinterest. My turned out really long. I'm not sure if I cut my spirals too thin or I stretched it too much (probably both). Either way, I like it. I was actually afraid it was going to be too short, because the example that I saw seemed too short to
My Results:
We had Cub Scouts and I needed a quick dinner, so I turned to Pinterest. (Okay, I actually already had this one planned out.) I combined the two ideas to make a meatless sloppy joe sandwich. We called them Beany Joes. I thought it tasted pretty good. I liked the beans better than the lentils though.
Check back soon for a recap of Week 2!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Pinterest Challenge 2012

600 followers, 46 boards, and 5,594 pins and counting. Yes, you could say I'm into this whole Pinterest thing...just a little. Okay, a lot! Like, I have to check Pinterest at least 3 times a day to see if anyone has shared anything new that I might want to pin. Man, when I say it that way I sound a little bit addictive. (If you haven't heard of Pinterest, it's a virtual pin board for things you want to save: ideas, pictures, recipes, tutorials, etc. Genius, if you ask me...)

Follow Me on Pinterest
The funny thing is that I one of those rare people who actually uses the things they pin. We try a new recipe at least once a week (usually more). I search for inspiration and/or directions when I have an idea for a project. As one of my friends once told me, "If I see you pin an outfit or a hairstyle, I think to myself, 'I will probably see Marissa wearing that.' And I do!" (Of course, that was pre-baby #4 and haircut.)

Despite all that, I could probably handle a lot more "doing" and a lot less "pinning." I see my Pinterest boards as a to-do/ to-try list and it bothers me just a little bit that I'm saving all these ideas but doing very little. I mean 5,500+ that's a pretty big to-do list! Well, I saw a friend, who just had a baby- literally like 3 or 4 weeks ago, doing a Pinterest challenge on her family blog and I thought, "I should totally do that! What fun!" and then my next thought was, "Wait, can I really do this?" But then I thought, "If she just had a baby and can do this, and my baby is 4 months-old, I can totally do this. Right?" Yes, I talk to myself...moving on.

So, here is my 30-day Pinterest challenge:
  •  I will do one pin a day.
  • Any projects must be at least inspired by a pin. I'm not much of a copycat. I'm more of an"inspired by" rather than "copy of" type of person. Of course, when it's a great idea why mess with it, right? So sometimes, I copy...)
  • No more than 2 Pinterest recipes a week may be used. (Personally, this is where I use most of my pins, so I'm trying to expand my efforts here.)
  • If the project is large (like building or organizing something), it can take up more than one day. Because, in reality, some things just take time.
  • I must share my results here on the blog. I gotta be accountable, right? I'm thinking recap at least once a week...
  • I am allowed one skip a week, as long as it is made up the following day. Life gets busy, especially with a baby and preschooler at home, so sometimes I have to give myself a break. However, I won't let myself of the hook...
But wait Marissa, you might be thinking, didn't you just get into Project Life? Yes, yes I did. I actually just got my stuff and I'm super excited to get started. However, I first need to organize my old photos and order some prints of new ones, probably something I should have done while I was waiting for my supplies. (I know...). Don't worry, I'll still be working on Project Life. I see Project Life as more of a marathon. (Something I'll always be doing.) While, this challenge is more of a sprint. (Short and sweet.) Don't be surprised if you see a few Project Life pins being used as well... :)

What do you think? Can I do it? Do you want to join me? Make yourself some rules, set some terms, and play along. I will start November 1st. (After all the Halloween chaos.) I picked November because:
a) there are 30 days and not 31.
b) I'd like to get it done before the holidays and the end of the year and
c) I'm totally excited to get some of these things done! So the sooner the better.

I'm thinking that I might do this at least 2 times a year, maybe 3 (spring, summer, fall), so if you just want to sit back and watch this time a round feel free. I have a sneaking suspicion that I am going to love this and you will too. ;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Project Life Printables

If you read my last post, you know that I'm anxiously waiting my Project Life supplies. I ended up ordering mostly the page protectors and some of the cards. I opted not to order a core kit for two reasons. First, I'm not completely in love with any of the editions currently released. Ask me again in December when all the new editions are in stock. (I love the Seafoam, Baby and all 3 of the Childhood editions.) I'm holding out for the ones I love.

Second, I have a TON of cards that I found online and printed. I've spent a lot of time searching, printing, and cutting out freebies. I think I used at least two packs of card stock printing everything I found and there are 2 to 4 cards per page. No official count but I'm sure it's in the hundreds. Plus, I've made some of my own. (More on that to come.) I have a Pinterest board full of freebies, inspiration, and the digital ones that I want to buy. Let's just say I have pinned a lot! Follow me as I will probably be adding more. :)
(Sorry I can't make this bigger, Blogger is being weird.)
Here are a few of my favorites:

The Live Free: Love Life collection of freebie journaling cards from Miss Tiina. I love, love, love these. There are 3 sets so browse her freebies to find them all. I think I printed all of them out 2 or 3 times and probably will a few more times as I use them. I just discovered a few more freebies on her website that I'm excited to check out.
I love these bright filler cards from Dear Brighton. I haven't printed them out yet (ran out of card stock and ink) but I expect that I will love them and find many uses for them.

I also love the Summer Fresh collection from Simply Stories. I love this set as well. I had a little trouble getting it to print out at the right size, so I ended up with a few copies of it.
Here's a fun collection from Persnickety Prints. I love the bicycle one!
Last but not least, the Life Quote cards from the Project Life dream team at Each card was designed by a different person. These ladies (all talented designers) use Project Life and contribute monthly to the website. These are a great addition to a core kit or used on their own. (This link also has other printables by Becky.)

So there you have it, a few of my favorites so far. However, that barely scratches the surface of what I have and what is out there.  Even if you don't do Project Life, check these out. They are great resources that can be added to traditional scrapbooking! Later, I'll share with you my own cards and how to resize digital freebies to create your own cards. Happy scrapping!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Project Life

Okay, I may be a little obsessed...I don't remember how (probably Pinterest), but I stumbled across Project Life. Mind blown. Don't know about Project Life? Basically, it's a solution-based way of scrapbooking created by Becky Higgins. This video has a little more info.
(Checkout Becky's inspiration page to see Project Life in action.)

So easy right? I love the simplicity of it. Seriously, it takes me like an hour to put together a traditional scrapbook layout. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my creative endeavors. Probably why the last time I "scrapbooked" was over 5 years ago. Plus, I love how much more of the story I can record. Also, I can make this as easy or as "crafty" as I want, and totally personalize it. I can use it as a quick way to catch up on years of pictures, or a more labor-intensive way to record the everyday like Project 365. I can choose one way or the other or have a mixture of it all. Love it!

I am so excited. How excited? So excited, I had everything in my Amazon shopping cart, waiting for payday. Seriously, I would check on it like everyday just to make sure that nothing had sold out. So excited, that I would spend hours looking at people's Project Life photos, layouts, and blog posts. Yeah, can we say obsessed? So obsessed that I have spent the last month searching the web for free journaling and filler cards. (Which I'll put together a post of links and share with you later.) I have spent countless nights printing and cutting out cards. I think my husband is sick of it. I have a serious little stash just waiting for my pages. I even created some cards myself! (I'll share those too, once I make sure they fit in the protectors.)

Well, guess what?! Yesterday was payday, and I got the green light from the husband to buy them today. Yay!!! So, I'm off to check out (because you know it's already in my cart online)!

So, tell me, have you ever had a something that just clicks for you and you get super excited about doing it?